Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Democratic Underground Forums - Viewing topic #263949 - Wow--a Brand New Poster Just Said a Mouthful--a lot of truth:

"With the election looming, I think it is more important than ever to stare some cold, hard truths in the face. There is a darkness, a certain cruelness out there in this country. I want to believe that the American people are just being fooled by Bush, but more and more it seems that they know exactly what he is and are making their choice for him and his brand of politics with their eyes wide open."

via The Daily Dystopian

Sometimes I feel this way...and it is feeling this way that keeps my mouth shut at work, and convinced that these people that surround me do not only not have my best interests at heart, but that they do not even understand what my, or their own best interests are...The time is coming to leave Texas...
and maybe the U.S.

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