Friday, December 10, 2004


O.k. one quick comment on the whole Rummy thing...
you've read about it everywhere, but I haven't seen this response.

"You go to war with the Army you have..."

Yes, that's true if you are FORCED into war.
You guys were preparing to go into Iraq from day 1 of your administration.
The TRUTH is that you didn't build the army you needed for this invasion
because you completely miscalculated what it was going to take to do the job.
Bottom line. It's your fault. YOU OWN IT!
If we were attacked by the Iraqi Army then yes, we would HAVE to go to
war with the army we had on the day we were attacked...
When you KNOW for months, maybe years, that the war is coming, cause
it's a war you're CHOOSING then you have NO effin' excuse for sending
that army anywhere unprepared...


Ron said...

I think it was more than simply a miscalculation. Rummy was trying to prove some of his theories about warfare in the 21st century, that US forces could take out a relatively weak nation like Iraq on the cheap, and with small numbers. In other words, he was using our troops as lab rats. Furthermore, he was told that it wouldn't work by at least one general who was sacked for disagreeing with his boss.

This whole thing wasn't just a fuck up: it was planned.

Justin said...

I assume you also saw the bit where the Rummy responded to the soldier's question about lack of armor by saying that they were delivering all they could. "It's a matter of physics." Except that the contractors who make the stuff say different.

I don't think there was a plan to fail. I think they just didn't plan. It's always going to be OK when you have God on your side. Just ask Osama.

Mike said...

It was a plan
and a fuckup!
what else do you call a plan that fails so?

they had a plan...
it just had no basis in reality,
and they didn't let reality intrude on their plan
no matter how much it disrupted it...
damn the effects, go forward with the plan...
we make the reality now buckos,
while you punks just sit around and analyze it
not us
we're doers...
out there, ya know, doin stuff...
and if you don't like it,
well I don't care
cause I don't have to
cause I'm the President
you can take your
facts on the ground and
shove them up your lilly white
cause I think we're are making
progress in Iraqistan!
I do!
You never read about the schools that aren't getting blown up, do yo? and see if we gave em electricicity that would just make em easier targets...
what with the lights and all...

it was a plan,
and a fuckup...
alot of what this administration is doing
is planning fuckups...
what do you think no child left behind is?
or social security privatization?

planned fuckups!!!

Justin said...

I don't think it was a planned fuckup. I think it was a fuckup, for sure, but only because they overestimated their abilities. They don't really have anything to gain by intentionally screwing things up. I get the suspicion that they just want to break everything so they can have the limited government that they are so hot for, but I don't think that's too well grounded. And it gives them too much credit. They don't know what they are doing--except when it comes to elections. Then they use the old winning formula of negative campaigns and scare tactics. Works every time.

Mike said...

they had a plan.
they followed it.
it didn't work.
that's a fuck-up.
they are still following the plan,
although none of the facts on the ground back up the assumptions they made when designing the plan.
that's a bigger fuck-up...