Wednesday, December 08, 2004

That's some catch, that catch-22!

so, here, in a nutshell is where I'm at...
lost "good" job I applied for ran a credit check, and then wouldn't
hire me. When I lost my last tech-job the first thing to lost out was
my creditors. It's true! I chose to eat and keep my utilities on
rather than pay my credit card debts. So, they all show up on my
credit report... If I ever really recover (which I still haven't) I'd
be happy to take out a consolidation loan, or work with my creditors
to start paying these debts off. Can't do that till I get a decent
paying job, and I can't get hired for a decent paying job because of
the debt...

so, I just got the call about a new job yesterday...
I start Monday...
but I'll probably end up getting fired again AFTER they finish the
background check and discover that yes, while unemployed, I was

so, until I get a decent job I can't even think about cleaning up my
credit report, and because of my credit report I can't get a good


I've already given notice at my part time gig, which means I'll either
by fully employed, or fully unemployed by the end of next week!!!


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