Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fw: [BAD SIGNAL]ENTERPRISE Taken Behind Stables

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Subject: [BAD SIGNAL]ENTERPRISE Taken Behind Stables

> bad signal
> Those who've been following my occasional pieces
> on genre TV might be interested to learn that
> ENTERPRISE was finally cancelled today.
> Story's on AICN right now.
> I hope that the people involved with the show who
> I occasionally heard from find new work soon.
> And so another Star Trek show descends into
> TV Hell. I met someone last year who'd been
> brought in to pitch a new Trek show: but, more
> than half a year down the line, I haven't heard
> anything else. So my suspicion is that Star
> Trek is gone from our screens for a comfortingly
> long time.
> And, with the final Star Wars film on the way,
> it seems that by the end of the year the culture
> will feel peculiarly cleansed. As if the shackles
> were released from us in our cultural basement,
> and we can finally take from our mouths the
> shattered antique underpants used as gags and
> wash old men's semen out of our bum crevices.
> -- W
> ...................

I have been dutifully watching Enterprise this season, and well quite
frankly, even the best eps couldn't touch BG or even Atlantis SG-1...
so, good riddance I reckon...


Anonymous said...

All you need is Battlestar Galactica my friend. It'll cure what ails ya. -jmiller

the library girl said...

Hey! Stupid question, but how can I link you to my little blog? I want to link Justin, too. Help me, please.
Hope you are well, lovie