Thursday, April 21, 2005

File Under : There is strength in a union - Remember the Raise? (

Remember the Raise? (
"Plainly, two factors have altered our economy, profoundly and for the worse.
The first is our free-market form of globalization, which exerts downward pressure on the income from all jobs -- from software writer to shirt stitcher -- that can be performed elsewhere. The second is deunionization, which removes the bargaining power of employees. Get rid of unions -- and the rate of unionization in the private sector is 7.9 percent, the lowest level since before the New Deal -- and who is it that even bargains for wage increases? "

I been saying it for a while,
if they want me to not even believe in this whole free market thing,
but just believe that they really believe in it,
then they need to address the fact that for a market to be free labor needs to be as free as capital...
free to organize,
and free to move
across any border...
otherwise what you've got isn't a free market at all,
but a market managed to our (the workers) disadvantage...

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