Monday, June 13, 2005

an exceptional weekend...

Friday - Ghost towns with Lisa D. and the IBP posse. Sunburned.
Romance novels free on the porch. DAIRY QUEEN! I didn't get chiggers.


Purple Reign at Diverseworks...
all of it...

then - The Beer Cellar - too much whiskey and karaoke.
many of my favorite people were there...
why weren't you?
drank like it was the weekend,
which it was,
but then,
9:13 am Saturday -
the phone -
"Mike, you we're supposed to be on shift at nine o'clock."
ended up working the 11:30-7:30 shift and getting off late -
missed the big range show - Aileen's new piece, and one from Toni with Music by Misha -
got to go home for a few minutes...
then Jeff's surprise party at the axiom.
Wasn't drinking at all,
then had one,
then two,
then I was drunk...
two must've had more whiskey than I thought.
The Misfires rocked.
We showed BLP's latest - "Actorman! a day in the life of Jeff Miller"
and then the Dreambreakers played...
good night...
left around 1 and spent more time running over my monologues before I went to bed...
Sunday got up and worked the monologues till time for co-ops...
what a rush!
crazy crazy crazy...
get home and do nothing (I'm broke)
take a nap,
wait for TDU practice -
get a call - no bill today,
no ryan either,
jim and joe and charlie show up and we decide to blow it off,
so I head to barnevelder - see the show - whoohoo! Aileen is so freakin' talented!
good stuff...enjoyed the whole show! Toni's piece was great too, and Misha's music had some VERY cool stuff in it...I'll see if I still have a program when I get home, if so I'll post more about the pieces. Then to Atomic Cafe for Wayne's 40th birthday - arrive in time to hear the closing lines of the new BLP sketch "Walt goes to Modeling School" - damn! had some bar-b-q and visited with some folks for a while...ran into some peeps who had been in the audience at co-ops - word is I did good - I was told the second one (the pushkin) was not anything like what people expected or had seen me do before...whoohoo!
anyway, then I went home and to bed...
despite having to work hungover all day saturday it was still over all a pretty exceptional weekend...
hope your's was too..

(I'm still working on the Houston Music post...I'll talk more about Purple Reign in it...)

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