Sunday, June 12, 2005


Well, I just got back from co-ops...
I didn't get time called on me,
and I didn't make any obvious mistakes...
I did however in the middle of the second monologue
discover that I was more nervous than I'd ever been
performing ANYTHING.
By the time I walked out of Stages I was shaking
and my arms were NUMB. NUMB!
It was all very strange.
Over all it was definitely a good experience
and there were a few friendly faces in the auditing chairs,
so that helped...
Vocally I was pretty on,
but the space did throw off some of the physicality
of the pieces... It was such different circumstances,
that I forgot things like where I'd been looking, etc...
Maybe that just made it more "fresh" and "in the moment"?
who knows?
So, just so I didn't completely waste my time,
I'll do either of my monologues for anybody,
anytime, for a dollar...
how's that for a deal?


Anonymous said...

Mike, you did good. You didn't see yourself in comparison with everyone else. You were as good as many people with more experience than you. You didn't seem nervous at all either. next time it won't be so scary.

Mike said...

Scary as it was I did feel like it went well...better than I expected, and almost as good as I'd hoped...
Thanks for the kind words,
a couple of other folks who were sitting out there that have talked to me about it seem to agree...
mostly I'm glad it's over.
although I can't get the damn pushkin out of my head...I was still running it while I was trying to get to sleep last night.