Monday, October 10, 2005

Government Keystroke Loggers Hard-Wired Into All New Laptop Computers!

Any of you smart folks wanna debunk this one?

Government Keystroke Loggers Hard-Wired Into All New Laptop Computers!:
"I called the police, as having a keylogger unknown to me in my laptop is a serious offense. They told me to call the Department of Homeland Security. At this point, I am in disbelief. Why would the DHS have a keylogger in my laptop? It was surreal."


Anonymous said... has this to say:

"False. Origins: Given the prevalent public fear of governmental snooping into private activity, the discovery that personal computers were being sold with devices that enabled the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to monitor keystrokes would have a rather chilling effect. Most of us now use computers in so many different facets of our lives, from personal correspondence to shopping, that recording and analyzing everything we typed on one would provide a great deal of information about us.

Although furtive eavesdropping on computer activity is certainly possible, the specific tale presented above is nothing more than an example of "government conspiracy" type hoaxlore. It originally appeared on (from which it has since been removed, although it remains mirrored elsewhere), a site which carried several other obvious hoaxes. The graphics for the article were lifted from another site's page about commercial keyboard loggers, and the purported letter from the Department of Homeland Security appears to be an altered version of someone else's example of correspondence from the DHS.

Last updated: 17 June 2005"


Mike said...

How's a brother supposed to build a respectable level of paranoia if the nutjobs are making things up?
damn them...
I trust no one.