Monday, October 10, 2005

my weekend

4-6 : Mathletes practice - Joe, Jeff, Gie Gie and me.
6-7 : Dinner and getting ready for Bog o' Cats.
7-10:30 : Bog O' Cats
10:30-3:00 or so : Playing trombone with Pearl Laughlin and the Gutbucket Serenaders
3:00 or so - resist temptation to go to Andy's for enchiladas - go home and to bed.


2-6 : Mathletes practice - Joe, Chris, Cathy, Me till 4, then replace C&C with Gie Gie and continue
6-7 : Dinner and getting ready for Bog o' Cats.
7-10:30 : Bog O' Cats
10:30-12 : House Warming Party (drinking Jameson's)
12-2 : The Dicks at Rudyards
2-4 : Octoberfest Party (missed the hostess in her bavarian beer wench outfit)

10-11:30 or so - load up for Mathletes gig
11:30 - 11:45 or so, figure out what we're doing for a p.a. and have chris load his mixing board...
11:45 - on the road to Trader's Village
12:30 - Arrive for "noon" mathletes show and set up
1-3 : Mathletes rock the Village.
3-4 : eat corndog and fries and begin the drive back
4-5 or so : drive back
5-6: watch and episode of "smallville" - get back to Brainiac!!!
6-8: supposed to be TDU practice, ends up being more like a meeting...Charlie shows up after Ryan gave up and left, so me, Jim and Charlie sit around and talk about TDU, finding a new bass player (Joe has left to concentrate on The Mathletes and finding a job), and maybe a full time keyboardist, etc...

then it was just the usual insomnia gig...

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Anonymous said...

wow. are weekends sound so similar. insanely busy.