Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yahoo! 360� - Skews Me - Summer Camp

Yahoo! 360� - Skews Me - Summer Camp:
"I remember 'the screwdriver.' Upon hearing a particular trigger phrase, I was to lie down to bed that night, wake up the next morning, get money from a bank, purchase a camera, then go to 'the scene of the crime' and take a picture. Even then I refused to complete the final step as it just wreaked of a setup.

That trigger was pulled on me in 1996 at a job I had where they eventually ganged up on me to get me fired. The job was across the hall from a dentist's office where about once a month so much nitrous oxide was used it poured into the hallway. On those days, people at the other jobs didn't show up to work and the children leaving the dentist's office looked spaced out and their parents very serious. I reported my suspicions by phone to the FBI, but all they said was 'no crime is being committed.'"

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