Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shrike's Passion in the Luncheonette

Shrike's Passion in the Luncheonette:

Figures Will Be Used for Prayers for
Condemned Slayer of Aged Recluse

DENVER, COLO., Feb. 2 (A. P.) Frank H. Rice, Supreme Pontiff of the Liberal Church of America has announced he will carry out his plan for a 'goat and adding machine' ritual for William Moya, condemned slayer, despite objection to his program by a Cardinal of the sect. Rice declared the goat would be used as part of a 'sack cloth and ashes' service shortly before and after Moya's execution, set for the week of June 20. Prayers for the condemned man's soul will be offered on an adding machine. Numbers, he explained, constitute the only universal language. Moya killed Joseph Zemp, an aged recluse, in an argument over a small amount of money."

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ayn said...

i'm all for recluse rights but for adding machines as well. pontiff rice is right however, they are damn holy things.