Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life, Meet Art: Pinter’s Last Stand - New York Times

That Pinter is doing Beckett is amazing, and I would love to see it...
but this is the real news to me...

Life, Meet Art: Pinter’s Last Stand - New York Times:
"He had, he said, eschewed parts of the original script that show Krapp gorging on bananas. “This is the first ‘yes, we have no bananas’ ” version, he said, speaking from a set strewn with boxes of tapes where Krapp has hurled them. The wheelchair remained behind Krapp’s desk like a sentinel.

It was “an artistic decision,” Stephen Pidcock, a spokesman for the Royal Court, said."

My understanding was that you just don't get to do things like that.

Very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

It's just a license you get when you are are clearly a badass. Keith Richards gets to smoke in non-smoking areas, Valentino Rossi doesn't have to wear a helmet, and Pinter doesn't have to eat bananas.