Thursday, March 31, 2005

Neil Gaiman

A quick reminder from Mr. Gaiman that the Brits can be just as hateful and stupid as we are! YAY!

Neil Gaiman:
"Back in 1988 in the UK, Margaret Thatcher's government passed a clause in a local government act that was intended to forbid schools from talking about homosexuality as a family relationship or depicting positive images of homosexuality. It was a clause aimed, as one minister explained, at eliminating 'the entire concept' of homosexuality, something that many of us found rather chilling. it was called Clause 28 and was introduced by Dame Jill Knight, who, coincidentally, had recently tried to get banned a comic of retold bible stories I'd contributed to. Alan Moore felt it rather personally, and he and his wife and their girlfriend put together a comic called AARGH! (artists against rampant government homophobia, if I remember the acronym correctly). The comic raised enough to buy a photocopier for the moore clan's local gay and lesbian centre, who, if memory serves, then decided that the entire Moore clan wasn't actually gay or lesbian enough."

And people wonder why I have issues with 80's nostalgia...
Cripes! Isn't it already enough like the 80's without you dressing like Pat Benatar?
I was there. My first concert was Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I know a lot of the music doesn't suck...
but the 80's are not a period to look to with love. THEY ARE NOT.
The 80's were Reagan and Thatcher and AIDS. The current hell we are living in right now
is a direct result of that time. That's important to remember. More important than "Family Ties" reruns
and Madonna...
trust me.

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Mike said...

forgot to mention:

I do think "Clause 28" would make a great band name...