Saturday, June 11, 2005

Space City or is it Syrup City? music.

This post is totally not done, but it never will be.
Here it is:

after my natural defense mechanism kicked in when Ron dissed Space City's music scene I said I'd post some links to good H-town music -
here are some...

Rusted Shut

Here's the thing...even when I don't listen much to Rusted Shut,
I do deep down realize and acknowledge,
this is what Houston sounds like.
They're one of the last links to an age when GIANT BANDS
played the dives of Houston.
No matter what they do
or the personnel changes
they are always
Rusted Shut.

Two Star Symphony

If you haven't heard ** Symphony yr really missing something...
They performed at the Purple Rain tribute at Diverseworks last night...
they did a medley of Purple Rain and Pussy Control.
It was the quartet plus Cathy Power, John Dubois, Kirk Suddreath, Chris Bakos, and on vocals none other than Charlie Naked...
and the dancers - Troy, Todd, Sherri, Aileen, and Melissa (as Appolonia)- made it more like a Prince show than anything I'd seen in a while...
or at least like a Prince video...
and there are their collaborations with Bobbindoctrin and their own
amazing stuff...

these are some of the most talented and dedicated people I know...

Satin Hooks

The Kants

The Linus Pauling Quartet

Charlie Naked

Poor Dumb Bastards

The Mathletes

The Defenestration Unit

The Kimonos

Jana Hunter

The Sugarbeats

Freedom Sold


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