Friday, July 01, 2005


My complicity
makes me a monster.
Don't give me that grin,
you're in the same boat.
That's my problem
with art
about the holocaust
about the nazis.
If you want
an example
of the banality
of evil
you don't have to
travel in time
you don't have to
go to Germany
all you have to do
is look in the mirror.

I have a job
I ship out computer parts
I ship them to our government
other governments
people in the diamond business
people in the oil business
people in the war business
people in the torture business

I ship them to whoever buys them
to whoever needs a replacement
I provide aid
to people and projects
whose morals are reprehensible

I am complicit in crimes against
you, me, all of us...
and I'm just doing my job.

I'm not even going to address
driving a car,
using pharmaceuticals,
eating the products of argibusiness...

there is a web from me
to the furthest horrors

don't pretend
you're not caught
in it too
you buy lightbulbs
you pay taxes

you're not pure


Anonymous said...

true dat. But we are truer than most of these motherfuckers and now it is time to give em' hell.

It's clobberin' time! jzillah

Anonymous said...

as long as people realize this and drop the attitude; *cough-greenparty-cough*