Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Alien Implants and Foreign Bodies

Alien Implants and Foreign Bodies:

"Once Ms. Damly was prepped and ready, Dr. Leir made an incision in her left big toe. It took him almost an hour to find the object. When he located and touched the object with his probe, Ms. Damly spasmed, almost jerking her foot off the table. Dr. Leir found this surprising, yet hypnosis is an unreliable method of anesthesia (which is why hospitals use drugs). After an hour, the local was probably wearing off. Dr. Leir seems to think Ms. Damly's sensitivity to his probing was preternatural."


if this thing
this thing
this thing
up my nose

this thing
they tried
to warn me about
the last time
I was in the hospital

the reason they
could only
put the oxygen tube
in one nostril

well promise me
if this thing
if we think it might be
could be
some kind of
alien implant...

if it's up my nose
it could be directly attached to my brain
so please

knock me the fuck out
before you try to extract it

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