Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daily Kos: The difference between Progressives and Liberals

Daily Kos: The difference between Progressives and Liberals:
"While liberalism emerged in the Northeast and among the more enlightened industrialists (who believed they were building a better world), a second political movement emerged in the Midwest. There were a number of individuals involved in the birth of the Progressive movement, but I will attempt to explain through the activities of John Dewey and Jane Addams because I know them best and it is easiest for me. Dewey was also a Pragmatist but his perspective was a little different from the one that developed in New England (even though he was originally from Vermont). Dewey developed an approach that has been called Instrumental Pragmatism. He concentrated on the actual problem solving and the way humans lives could be improved by improving their problem solving. The idea that Dewey believed human lives could be improved as a whole, and not just problem to problem, is critical. Dewey also believed that there was no line to be drawn between the philosophical, the political, and education. "

Recently had someone tell me we needed to reclaim the word liberal...
didn't like it when I called myself a progressive.

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