Sunday, August 27, 2006

dialogue - influences obvious

A: Suspicion?

B: No.

A: Type?

B: Visual.
Saw them.

A: Saw them what.

B: Together.
Saw them together.

A: You?

B: No.

A: Motive?

B: Motive?

A: Ben's? Motive for seeing? telling? describing?

B: Truth?

A: Truth. Truth's no motive.

B: Motive?

A: Motive?

B: Yours. Yours in questioning - implying his.

A: Questioning yes.
Implying no.
Must alway question.

B: Thus, questioning yours -

Study questions:

1. There are at least 4 (possibly 5) people in this story.
Who is the most fucked?
The least?

2. Is there always a motive for speech? always a motive for action?
when are these motive suspect? and when are they not?

3. Do you trust the advice of others in regards to decisions most dear?
if so, do you examine their motives? their reasons for you to live your life
a certain way?

4. Do you think Ben really saw what he says he saw?
if not why not?
what possible motives could he have for relaying what he did or did not see to B?

5. What motive could A have for impugning Ben's integrity? for making B wonder if Ben had an ulterior motive?

6. There are no wrong answers, which makes it unlikely that there are any right answers...
which pretty much mean we're fucked...
this isn't really a question is it?
well, comes to terms with this idea, in language - that sounds like you couuld get an essay out of it...
so there.

Kid Ornery

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Kid Ornery said...

bonus questions:
who are the obvious influences of the title?


which three words should be cut?