Sunday, August 27, 2006

what are you gonna do when the ax falls?

speeding motorcycle
made my worst screw up yet
(yes, worse than falling off the stage)
walked out with my horn,
when I should have been empty handed...
("startling facts" for those what know the show...)
got through it

then the last misfires gig (till the next one)
and then rudz
and then notsuoh

lots of whiskey

and tomorrow (or is that today?)
Stanford Meisner studies
no TDU (bass player burgled again)
and hopefully early to bed...

best thing to come from tonight
is maybe a new addition
to the playtime sessions...

we'll see.



Anonymous said...

The playtime sessions? Do explain, yo.


Kid Ornery said...

the name I've given in my head to the informal script reading sessions I'm trying to host fairly regularly these days...

Kid Ornery