Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paul Rogers interview

Paul Rogers interview:
"PG: What music were you listening to at that time?
PR: My older brother would bring records into the house so I heard things like The Who, Jimi Hendrix ... and Cream I really liked at that time. And I'd also heard improvised music on the radio, people like John Stevens, Derek Bailey, etc., and that really turned me on to wanting to play. But I was told that you couldn't play improvised music unless you play jazz. That was the thinking in those days; some people maybe think that now. In fact, some people actually think you improvise because you can't play music! It amazes me how uneducated these people must be because we all know most people only play tunes because they can't improvise, and they play other people's music because they haven't got any of their own! Anyway, I left school shortly before my sixteenth birthday and as there were no options for going to college, etc., I apprenticed as a carpenter for a couple of years before moving to London around 1974."

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