Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paul Rogers interview

Paul Rogers interview:
"PG: Do you think that in the course of, let's say, an hour-long improvisation there is the potential for a lot of uncreative music?
PR: No, not if you are improvising properly. When you're playing, you can't be thinking about what you are playing - that's too slow. You have to act on the musical elements at that particular time, and do it honestly without ego, playing for the good of the music rather than some self-indulgence. And each person has his own way of doing that; someone might play very little, someone else a lot. But even when silent you should still be in the music. If there are ten people on stage and there is a drum solo, there are ten people involved in the drum solo ... plus the audience. If someone starts talking or goes out of the room the musical dynamics change."

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