Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Philip Gibbs interview

Philip Gibbs interview:
"Q: If you say, got a chimpanzee, and stuck some sweets on to your guitar strings, would the chimps efforts to remove the sweets end up sounding like some free improvised music, and would you be able to tell if this is real music or not? Because music is sound, after all.

A: Yes I’m sure the chimp’s efforts would sound like some free improvised music, and that music would contain the creators (in this case the chimp) stamp. For some listeners the result would be perfectly satisfying and for others not. I think any ‘musical’ events in this case would be accidental (and all the more apparent as the piece progressed) and as such, it would be divorced from the higher aspect of creative consciousness I have alluded to earlier. Whether anyone could tell or not isn’t necessarily the point (unless they are writing a review!) its whether or not it quenches your particular thirst. Having said that, if large expanses of my work could easily be confused with that of a chimp’s, I would seriously reconsider my options! For me music is ‘made up’ of sound, it is in a sense sound PLUS craft…..hence the ‘art’ of music. It’s a subtle difference."

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