Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Motime Like the Present

Motime Like the Present:
"The 'superhero' stories that I'm interested in proceed from the exact opposite assumption--i.e. that there isn't any order except that which we impose upon the world. Moreover, our awareness of our own subjective role in this production of meaning short-circuits our ability to believe in anything as 'absolutely real'. "

I always knew there was a reason for NOT digging Campbell, Star Wars, etc...and I knew it wasn't just elitism...but this, well this really explains it...
We don't discover our place in the world.
We make it.
We struggle with right/wrong, good/evil, etc but we never really know where we stand. There is always room for doubt.

just another example of why you should be reading Motime...
bringing the big thoughts to the little books...

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