Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bookslut | An Interview with Camille Paglia

On the theme of poetry, and since I stole the last few links from Bookslut, here's Camille Paglia talking about her latest book.
It's 43 close readings of poems.
I like her. I don't always agree, but I like reading her. She calls out sloppy mediocre thinking where she sees it.

like this:

This poststructuralist thing was a horrible evasion. It’s not even good thought, it’s not even good philosophy. You run into people all the time who think that Foucault invented an idea that Heraclitus had. Oh, “All things flow, all things are relative”! They don’t even know Nietzsche, they only know Foucault! It’s unbearable. It’s all part of my war.

Bookslut | An Interview with Camille Paglia

as a fan of Herclitus I'm always happy to see his name dropped...
anyway, go read it...
not as important as the Gore Vidal interview maybe, but rich, entertaining and thoughtful...
actually full of thoughts! YAY!

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