Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I, Too, Dislike It - Slate celebrates poets who don't like poetry. By Robert Pinsky


I, Too, Dislike It - Slate celebrates poets who don't like poetry. By Robert�Pinsky:
"Slate celebrates poets who don't like poetry."

Poetry is a real sticky subject with me.
I like what I like.
The rest of it,
I have little to no use for.
There is nothing worse than bad poetry.
o.k. maybe some things,
but not much.

I don't like to go to poetry readings,
because well, there only full of other poets,
or even worse, poetry fans.

One day, when I retire to the south of France,
perhaps I'll write my Poetics and explain it all...
for now let's just say, "No. I don't want to read your poetry."


Anonymous said...

Having browsed innumerable profiles on MySpace, I'm always amazed by the number of people who don't like reading poetry, but like writing it and hoping someone who DOES like reading poetry will read theirs... it's kind of ironic in a weird sort of way... where are the people who love reading AND writing poetry, and who hate reading AND writing poetry?


Kid Ornery said...

I love reading poetry.
The poetry that I love reading, that is.
Bad poetry is one of the most painful things known to man though...
I'll read Bukowski, Corso, Ashberry, Carlos Williams, you know? the good shit, all day long (yes, there are a lot more poets I dig, those just popped in my head right away) but I don't want to read YOUR poetry. O.k. actually I bet YOUR poetry would be pretty damn funny C. I tried to avoid the kinds of things I hated reading when I put out my poetry book/zine a while back (still available for d/l at http://www.hichouston.org/bargain.htm). For instance you won't see the word "love" once in those 100 poems. It's not much, but it's a start.
I encourage everybody to write, and put it out there... but not everybody's gonna wanna read it, and that includes me.
I think most people hate reading and writing poetry,
but look at what they've been given to read,
and the kind of poetry they've had to write.
School can kill the love of anything.

Anonymous said...

Writing poetry is like being in the Magic Bullets.