Friday, May 27, 2005

Off the Kuff: Report from the Grand Parkway meeting in Spring

Off the Kuff: Report from the Grand Parkway meeting in Spring:
"This 'regional mobility' crap is the same stuff that's been fed to residents and businesses currently displaced by the Katy Freeway boondoggle, and to residents and businesses threatened by the proposed I-45 widening. The subtext is that the need of some people to get from where they live to where they work faster than they are currently able to do is more important than the inconvenience that accomodating them would cause to the people in between. I'm sorry, but my neighborhood is not an impediment to your mobility. I refuse to have my quality of life suffer so you can shave ten minutes off your commute. You made your choice about where to live, you can live with the consequences of that choice. Maybe it's time we looked at alternatives, such as figuring out ways to reduce traffic on overburdened roads, instead of automatically drawing lines on maps and thus rewarding one kind of lifestyle over another."

Right on!

If it takes people in Tomball 1 hour to get to I-45 maybe we should work on public transport that gets them all the way to the city,
maybe they should move closer...
All I know is that building roads that will be mostly empty after the oil peak seems like a real waste.

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