Wednesday, June 08, 2005

do you come here often? - June 8th, 2005

Rhodri gets it:

do you come here often? - June 8th, 2005:
"I don't know whether I actually find the endless procession of appalling bands through London venues depressing in itself, or whether it's seeing the faux confidence on their faces, that misplaced self-belief which suggests that they think they're actually going to get somewhere. And where is somewhere? When are bands ever satisfied? If they've started rehearsing, they want to record. If they're recording, they want a record to be released. If they've released a record, they want it to be on the radio. If it's on the radio, they want to be in the press. If they're in the press, they want an agent. If they've got an agent, they want to be supporting a big act. If they're supporting a big act, they want to be headlining. And so it goes on, until they split up. And then what? What mark have they made? All they have left is the music that they've produced. Which is, of course, what they should be doing it for in the first place."

now, go listen to his band.

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