Monday, June 06, 2005

Events Coming Up!

I'm a devout agnostic, a radical humanist,
and somehow I can't get excited about this...

Events Coming Up!:
"Sat, Jun 18
2:30 pm
The June Monthly Meeting of Humanists of Houston in the Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship at 1504 Wirt Road ...

Our speaker will be Roger Brewin, minister at the First Unitarian Church in Hobart, Indiana, and an impersonator of historic characters. He will appear as Clarence Darrow.

ROGER BREWIN has been portraying Clarence Darrow in his trademark rumpled suit and battered Borsalino hat since 1981.His presentation has been described as 'superb: interesting. educational, and funny.' (University Honors Program, Bowling Green, OH)

After this monthly meeting, those interested may join us at the 59 Diner for informal conversation over coffee and snacks.."

I don't know how to get people involved in humanism, but I'm pretty sure this ain't it....
We need X-treme humanism if we're going to survive in today's marketplace of ideas.

My first suggestion:

Let's meet in a bar.

and at night.

The only thing I like to do on Saturday afternoon
is recover from Friday night.

I need an army of young humanists to get this whole door to door prosletyzing for human potential thing going and I don't think I'm gonna find 'em watching a minister from Hobart playing Clarence Darrow.

Although I'm sure he's very good.


Anonymous said...

The Unitarian Church is just down the block from my new place...I may just see what this is about...or then again, maybe not.


Mike said...

I will of course expect a full report.