Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I bet sometimes even Noam Chomsky laughs at The Three Stooges

Is truth the only valid purpose of art?
theater in particular?
Well, what is truth?
I'm pretty sure theater ain't about
mathematical truth,
or even logical truths,
or just simple statements of fact.
The truth about the human condition?
Two words: We're fucked.
Yeah. Great play.
Look, I'm not saying
don't pursue this truth thing
if that's your bag.
go for it.
rock on.
but even the greatest warrior for truth
needs to salve his wounds now and again,
and who says sometimes the truth can't be light?
or silly?
I've seen a platypus.
that is true,
and silly.
I say life's too short
to spit on folks who
are doing it
really out there doing it
even if they ain't doing it
to your satisfaction
I reckon there's some who'd
say "life's too short not to spit
on those creative types who ain't
doing the real job of an artist.
ya know, truth."
Maybe they're right
Maybe I'm wrong
I sure as shit don't know nothin'
only proper thing I learned in college
is that I don't know nothin'
but look, even if you speak the truth,
even if you could,
I don't think it'd make ya any less likely
to be misunderstood...

I'm gonna try to sleep now.


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Anonymous said...

Great post. So true. -jbass