Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I am so self-involved
all I can write is

I am impatient
and I do not know
the value
of hard work

I am an only child
who has spent more
of his adult life
out of relationships
not in them

I am capable
of great deception

I am so self-involved

I am so self-involved

I am so self-involved

what about you?


Bill said...

Self involved? No, don't have that problem.
But, enough about me. What do you think about me?

Powergirl said...

Um. You have read my blog. What do you think?

Mike said...

I think I may stop blogging the semi-poetic stuff...
there's already changes I'd make in this one and the other one from today...and if they were just on paper I could just keep knockin em around and saving em for my next book...
maybe next time I have free time (after xmas?) I'll dig through the archives and see what I can salvage and put something together...

anyway, next time we're all together we can have a drink and talk about ourselves...hehe

Dot Dean said...

But I like the poetic stuff. Maybe I never told you, but I loved your poetry book that had 100 poems for a dollar. It survived the big move (and a lot of equally worthy books didn't). As for being self-involved, my thought is that nobody else is going to be as interested in me, so I've got to pick up the slack for myself.

Mike said...

who is this?
is it really Dorothy?
cause that would be awesome.

Dot Dean said...

Yeah, it's me. I've been feeling loquacious lately; I posted on Justin's blog a couple of days ago. I enjoy your writing, and I guess I really miss Houston.

Mike said...

good to hear from ya!!!
I didn't even know you had a copy of my book, much less liked it.
I'm honored.

You should come visit sometime.
Houston always has open arms for its expats...

Feel free to drop me an e-mail sometime: thelonenut at earthlink.net

Take care,