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> Teddy Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller held my Sister as Sex Slave!
> Saturday, December 03, 2005
> [Note: Just to be clear--Barbara Hartwell is a prime candidate for
> the Hoo-Hoo Hotel, and who should receive the first bed available and
> free of charge. Here is the latest 'net find in her ongoing
> psychological saga]:
> Note from Barbara Hartwell:
> {This was} written by my sister, Irene Adrian. I have edited only for
> clarity and paragraph structure. The words are her own. Althougn I
> have no direct knowledge of the events she describes, to the best of
> my understanding, the chronology is accurate. I was in Omaha,
> Nebraska, living at my sister's home, at the time of my sister's trip
> to Mexico. I have heard bits and pieces of the story she tells here,
> over the years; but this is the first time the story has been relayed
> to me in it's entirety.
> I should also say that I have always known my sister Irene to be a
> truthful person and so I believe that the events she describes here
> are actual events, which she has related to the best of her memory
> and knowledge.
> The man using the pseudonym 'David' is Ted Kennedy. 'Henry' is Nelson
> Rockefeller. 'Mary' is Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor, author of
> Starshine and Thanks for the Memories). [emphasis added]
> For the first public commentary ever written about Irene, a survivor
> and present victim of the CIA MK Ultra program please see this
> article on my website:
> [Note: Site no longer in commission; Recovered from Google's
> /articles/babs/caseofireneadrian.htm]
> In order to be fair and in the interest of discovering the whole
> truth, I wish to say to anyone who reads this that I am mostly
> persuaded that Ted Kennedy is, in fact, himself a victim of the CIA
> and other mind control perpetrators. His behaviour, attitude, and
> general demeanor were that of a man coerced somehow and resigned to
> doing what he had to. I don't think he volunteered for this. I know
> this is a subjective opinion and maybe I'm completely wrong. I cannot
> say this of any other individual I have encountered in my mind
> control travels.
> ________________________________________________________
> The Mexican Horror
> by Irene Adrian Winter of 1974, early 1975: I was twenty one years
> old. I was living in Omaha, Nebraska. I worked part-time as a
> cocktail waitress in a place on 72nd St. called the Brook Park
> Lounge.
> One evening a group of about 6 men came in and sat in the very back
> of the lounge, in the darkest corner alcove, at a large round table.
> It was rare that anyone ever sat there. I took their orders and
> served their drinks. I noticed that many of the people already in the
> lounge when the group of men arrived appeared to be awed by the
> presence of one of the men. I had no idea who any of them were. (You
> have to understand that I had rarely, if ever, read a newspaper,
> watched TV news; never considered politics to be relevant to my
> life.)
> After they had been there a while and had several rounds of drinks,
> the bartender, Margie, approached me, pulled me aside, and told me
> that David, a lawyer in the group of men, wanted me to take a trip to
> Mexico with him. I was surprised and a bit perplexed at this. She
> took me over to the table and introduced me to him. I knew
> immediately, of course, that I certainly did not want to go Mexico
> with this stranger. At the same time my heart sank because I also
> knew that I would have to go. This is very difficult to explain if
> you have not been under mind control. Somehow, it was all quickly
> arranged down to time off work for me with the permission of my boss,
> John, the owner of the Brook Park Lounge.
> At this time I was living with a boyfriend, and my sister Barbara was
> visiting us. Barbara went shopping with me to buy a bathing suit, I
> had been specifically instructed to bring a bathing suit and my
> original birth certificate. Also I was specifically instructed not to
> bring a camera. I have no recollection of what my boyfriend thought
> of my suddenly going to Mexico with a strange man. I don't even
> recall discussing it with him, but Barbara says she remembers him
> being very upset...
> [complete article here:
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> [Those interested in tossing in their $.02 about Barbara Hartwell,
> can do so here:

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