Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We're desperate (get used to it)

Ron's right on...
as usual.

REAL ART (and politics and culture):

"While 'experts' continue to offer deficient analysis about this depressing trend, the above noted television explanation being one example, I think the true instigator of American social isolation is right-wing philosophy. That is, for over a quarter of a century, the right wing has pushed every-man-for-himself economic policies, which are now, by and large, the law of the land. Meanwhile, corporations have outsourced the bulk of security providing jobs, and the healthcare crisis rages unabated. The mass-produced corporate popular culture has only reinforced these phenomena, labeling American culture as competitive, asserting that if you're not number one, you're nothing; this is now the conventional wisdom. No really, I'm not making this shit up. Conservative policy and philosophy, now triumphant, have scared the hell out of everyone, making people think that they are utterly on their own. Is it any wonder that people are feeling isolated? "

The American spirit has always been an individualist one, tempered with as much or as little social obligation as the times allowed. I think we'll see a resurgence of people connecting as things get worse. I hope we will anyway, otherwise worse is all we've got to look forward to. The thing is no matter what believe (and I'm fairly solipsistic by nature) we are all in this together. The sooner we realize that and act on it the sooner we kick the reptiles off the planet (literally, figuratively, whatever works for you...). Unemployed now, I sit in front of this computer all day - very disconnected - making rambling posts like this and leaving comments here and there - the connections I make online are really only connections of ideas in my head - not connections to people - phone calls are a step up - text messaging a step down (i think) - but real face to face - that's the good stuff - the apex - and the only way real connections happen - connections based on more than words - and if it weren't for rehearsals, and having a roommate I could easily let days go by without looking at another face.

I do have people I confide in - they are called "drunks" -
(as I do, from time to time, manage to drag myself to the bar)
anyone not sober enough to get away from me after I've had about 4 whiskeys will, sooner or later, know things about me they'd rather not. Does that count?

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