Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fist of Kong

Had a great Fist of Kong session last night.
Ended up being me, Charlie, Danny, and Jim...
We played 2 pieces. Each about half an hour long...
Nothing like a free improv session to give you a nice psychic cleansing.

Then I went over to talk to a friend who just got her heart broke.
She's hurting, but she'll be o.k.
The guy's a jerk and in the long run it's for the best.
There is of course more to the story, but it's not for telling here.

Tonight the mathletes get together and maybe learn a new tune or two...
and polish the full R. Kelly cover...whoooohoooo!

Friday night it's The RX Medicine Show at Rudz...
They'll be doing the rock set, and me, J. Babylon and maybe
even Charlie Naked will be sitting in on horns.

I've got two new concepts for poetry books,
so I'm starting to go through my stuff and see
what I've already written that works.

One is a book on virtue...
with poems like -


for you
fuck up

and then a book of poems about the devil...
he's everywhere ya know?
and he manifests sometimes in the least likely places,
and people...

eh, a lot more I'd write about,
but it's all on the topic of
"women and the chasing of"
which IS NOT blog fodder for me,
so I guess I'll get to work...

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