Wednesday, July 13, 2005


A: You know what I think? I think people are hollow, no,
I mean transparent.
I'm a empiricist.
I think if a person does something stupid,
then the truth of the matter is,
they are stupid.

B: Now hold on. Been lots of smart folks done stupid things.

A: Name one.

B: Oedipus.

A: Oedipus?

B: Yeah, well he put his own eyes out.
That's pretty stupid.

A: You think that's the stupidest thing Oedipus done?


And what did he ever do to make you think he was so all-fired smart anyway?

B: O.k. Bad example.

A: I thought so.

B: Well, what about Jesus?

A: What about Jesus?

B: Well, you gotta admit he was a smart fella.

A: Sure, I mean he didn't understand how people ARE,
but I reckon he did understand some things.

B: And he went and got hisself nailed to a cross.
That's pretty stupid.

A: Well, the story is, God told him to.

B: Look, just cause God wants you to do something don't mean it's the smart thing to do...
I mean, you and I both know, if God was running things, he'd probably have me turn myself in.

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