Friday, July 15, 2005

Johnny Temple: The Indie Philosophy of Akashic's Rock-'n'-Roll Publisher


Johnny Temple: The Indie Philosophy of Akashic's Rock-'n'-Roll Publisher:
"Contrary to the prevailing spirit, I find this an exhilarating time to publish books. Never before has the business been so accessible to those lacking wealthy backers or a trust fund. Affordable publishing software, print-on-demand technology and other new developments are wedging the industry door open to a less gentrified crop of publishers, authors and editors. The creativity and vitality of punk and other underground/outsider art scenes is increasingly visible across the indie publishing spectrum, from stalwarts like Soft Skull and AK Press to newer companies like Two Dollar Radio, Ig, Void Books, Ugly Duckling Presse, and crime-fiction visionaries Ugly Town"

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Anonymous said...

I have a punk documentary made by the mighty Don Letts that came on IFC punk documentary every made. and they dont dwell on cbgb's the whole time or the sex pistols/clash thing. They start with the fifties and end with a couple of years ago (aka crappy punnk pop and nu-metal). also cover hardcore and post punk extensivly. and lots of important unheard of bands like the screamers, etc.