Tuesday, July 12, 2005

SID ON ICE! Bobbindoctring fundraiser - The Mathletes - Gun Crazy and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Don’t forget we put poor Sid in the ground this
Friday! Sad and depressing, yes, but also a laugh riot!

A special benefit wake in honor of the deceased.

It’s time for the annual Bobbindoctrin benefit!
This year, we’ll be interring poor hapless Sid of Danse Macabre Part
I: The Constant Companion. For one low ticket price, you’ll
enjoy wonderful covered dishes from local volunteer kitchens, plenty to
drink, and some of the finest music Houston has to offer! Later in the
evening, as you’ve begun to cope with the loss, Bobbindoctrin pastor
Greg Dean will deliver a eulogy that will pay adequate tribute to the
small void of a man we knew Sid to be. Please join us for an evening of
disgusted remembrance as we say a fond farewell to Sid’s paunchy

A special benefit wake in honor of the deceased.
Friday the 15 of July our year 2005
8pm - Midnight at Atomic Cafe Funeral Home
1320 Nance St., Houston TX

Covered dishes donated by local volunteer kitchens
Funeral Services by Bobbindoctrin, eulogy by Greg
Raffle items from the National Museum of Funeral
Music by: Sterling Stitches, The Mathletes, Gun
Crazy, Something Fierce
Home embalming shots
Silent auction of wonderful things you cannot
live without!

Music, drinking, catharsis

Tickets: $25
RSVP: 713-526-7434
Pay online via PAYPAL at

Dying to come but can't? Send donations to
Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater
3201 Allen Parkway Suite 150
Houston, TX 77019
Or donate via Paypal at

And don’t forget to vote for BEST ALBUM in the

Bobbindoctrin’s li’l sister, TWO STAR SYMPHONY
has earned a best album
nomination for the soundtrack for Danse Macabre
Part I: The Constant
Companion in the 2005 Houston Press Music awards!
Vote now! Here’s a
link that works!
Vote DANSE MACABRE for best album!


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