Friday, July 15, 2005

Rock n Roll Weekend!

hey folks!

I'm playing a couple of gigs this weekend…
The Mathletes will be performing at Sid's Wake - A benefit for Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater…

A special benefit wake in honor of the deceased.
Friday the 15 of July our year 2005
8pm - Midnight at Atomic Cafe Funeral Home
1320 Nance St., Houston TX

Covered dishes donated by local volunteer kitchens
Funeral Services by Bobbindoctrin, eulogy by Greg
Raffle items from the National Museum of Funeral
Music by: Sterling Stitches, The Mathletes, Gun
Crazy, Something Fierce
Home embalming shots
Silent auction of wonderful things you cannot
live without!

Music, drinking, catharsis

Tickets: $25
RSVP: 713-526-7434
Pay online via PAYPAL at

and I'm also taking part in "Starr Project"

essentially I signed up, they drew my name out of a hat, along with 4 other folks,
and we had 30 days to come up with a set…
our band name is "Don't ask, don't tell" and you can see us and the other 3 Starr Project bands
Sat night at The Proletariat…
they say we'll start at 10pm…

so, now ya know…
other than that it'll be t10 tech,
and studying for my ccna that I've discovered I have to take again this weekend…
ya know, so I can keep my job…



Powergirl said...

Supposedly Chris and I are now in The Mathletes. Does this mean we can get in for free?

Kid Ornery said...

Re Starr Project: you missed what was not my most embarrasing performanace ever,
but was also clearly not the best...
I'm gald I did it,
I encourage you to sign up next time,
and I'll never do it again...
nothing but love to all my band mates,
but I've spent nearly 10 years in a band (TDU) that at it's best just is,
and damn if talking to people ain't hard...muzackilly speakin' that iz...

as far as other kinds of speakin I'm actually workin on something that addresses that based on convo's I've had with folks regarding lyrics of late...
in short, words disappoint and frustrate me, and sometimes music
is where I go to escape words
and express things
that words can't

so Dylan is Dylan
and Ornette is Ornette

and sometimes
I just
need to dance

and as long as
Peter Hook is on bass
I don't care what
Bernard Sumner
is yapping about

been a long damn day
and a long damn night
and there's another
one comin'
earlier than I'd like