Wednesday, March 23, 2005

do you come here often?

do you come here often?:
" I wonder whether Morgan Stanley Dean Witter have ever succeeded in persuading anyone to borrow any of their vast reserves of money. I'm certainly not taking the bait. Aside from the fact that I'm terrified of debt, I feel suspicious of the company name, recalling as it does some overblown 70s progressive rock outfit with a penchant for recreating the symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich on twin-necked guitars, with a thundering backbeat. Stanley would be the well-built, metronomic drummer with a 24 piece drum kit and the ubiquitous gong hanging ominously from a rope behind him. Witter: the geeky keyboard player who builds his own synths in his spare time, while consistently astonished that attractive women - who, until he joined Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, seemed to be repulsed by him and his Moogs - are actually willing to engage him in thrilling sexual activity in plush hotel rooms. But, of course, they're more interested in obtaining access to Morgan, the long-haired, virile vocalist with a tambourine firmly clamped in one hand and his bulging groin in the other. Dean plays the twin-neck. He's planning to form his own band, simply called 'Dean'. "

Once when I was an unemployed stockbroker I called up folks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and was promptly put in my place. They only interviewed new guys from the ivy league schools, etc...blah blah a brilliant working class texan with his series 7 was just beneath them...
not that that is here or there...
but the description of MSDW as a prog-rock band makes me smile.

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