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"I'm really looking forward to those Cure reissues that are coming out. '17 Seconds,' 'Faith,' 'Pornography' [which are being reissued by Rhino in April] and 'The Head on the Door' are my favorite Cure records. I really wish they would do the same thing with Prince because his records need a remastering. I bet they're going to, now that there seems to be a bit of a Prince resurgence. I'm hoping that he takes this moment where he feels like people are watching him and uses it for good and just does something stripped down and hardcore. "

I don't really know much about Spoon...but I do know if anybody fucks up those early Prince records I will personally fly to whatever god-forsaken city they are in and kick their ass.
Have you heard what they did to the singles on "hits"?
they didn't end up sounding a thing like the early Prince production which is a large part of what makes those records great...
I guess as long as I have "Dirty Mind" on vinyl they can do what they want...but sheesh...those records are perfect...

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