Friday, March 25, 2005

New Art: The (digitally) forgotten art form

New Art: The (digitally) forgotten art form:
"Where is performance art on the net? There are tens of blogs about the fine arts, and not a single blog about performance art, or even performing arts (a much broader term) for that matter! Here is my hypothesis: I suppose that translates into one conclusion: nobody cares."

Well there's a post designed to raise a ruckus...
and yet no comments yet, so I guess nobody does care.
I'm sure there are other equally good explanations,
but I'm tired. I just got home from work. Every one I come up with I manage to shoot down before I begin to type it up.
So, what I'm saying is go over to New Art and tell vvoi
why you think there are no blogs by performance artists or for or about performance art on the internets...

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