Friday, May 20, 2005

Cards for cheaters - not cheating at cards...

Love notes for that 'other' special someone:
"When the cards are in stores, they will be discreetly labeled with words like 'Love Expressions' or 'Intimacy,' so it won't be obvious what the cards are for, she said.

'There won't be a big banner that says 'infidelity,'' she said."

nothing says something like a greeting card,

"Sleeping with her, but thinking of you..."


"Thanks for not being a nagging bitch like my wife",

or perhaps,

"I tell him size doesn't matter,
but you fill me up..."


Powergirl said...

Your card ideas are really funny. Thanks for the good laugh. I think it is pretty sick someone is trying to profit from this.

Mike said...

if people are capable of anything,
they are also capable of profiting off of anything...
another sad but true fact of human existence in 21st century America...