Monday, May 16, 2005

Lance Mannion: No damn good

James Wolcott points us to:
Lance Mannion: No damn good

you should go read it.
It's one of those rare pieces that makes me wish I had written it...

"I have been asked how in the face of all that is rotten in the world I maintain my chirpy, cheery, optimistic and generally sunny outlook on life.


I swear.

People have asked me that.

I'm just as surprised as you. Frankly, I consider myself one grumpy, sour, mean and nasty son of a bitch, a misanthropic, malcontented, pessimistic, anti-social bastard and jerk. Cheerful? My guiding philosophy is Murphy's Law, intensified. I believe that it's not just that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It's that anything that can go wrong already has gone wrong, way, way, way wrong, and you won't even have begun to notice just how badly it's all gone wrong until the paramedics and the police arrive.

I'm not a the glass is half-empty-er. I'm a the glass is dirty and the milk in it has curdled and came from sick cows anway-er."

he goes on to explain, why, at least to some degree, this outlook gives him hope...
it's a good read...

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