Friday, May 20, 2005

my inner barfly

so, after the show last night I get in my car with every intention of going straight home.
I get to Elgin, and I turn left instead of right.
I figure one quick drink will do me good.
Chill me out. Allow me to sleep, etc.
So I head to Poison Girl.
I get there and I know 1 guy at the bar, and the bartender.
There were some people on the patio I know I had met,
and I had no idea who they were in my post-show raddled brain...
so I sat and had my drink,
then got in the car to head home...
I got to waugh and turned left
and decided I'd stop at rudz for one more,
and maybe run into somebody who stopped by after Troy's show.
No IBP'ers - I knew one guy at the bar, and the bartenders.
Had my one drink, invited the Brad and Myra to come see the show Monday
and then finally got in the car and actually went HOME.
Made it home by 11:45 or so, not too bad all things considered...

Tonight after the show it's Rudz to see Linus! WHOOHOO!
They bring the rock!

Speaking of, next time yr in Poison Girl, put a dollar in the jukebox,
make the bartender turn their tunes off, and play "Thorn" of the new LP4 Cd...
why? cause it rocks, and I wrote it...and it features guitar solos from John Cramer...and then you can play "Switzer" cause it's named after me and about getting high with Charlie and listening to The Mike Gunn.
PG is the only bar I know of where I can go hear a song I wrote and a song named after me...
don't you wish you were that special?

oh yeah,
and come see Needful Creatures DAMMIT!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the insight on "Thorn." It is one of my favorite tracks from C6H8O6. I only wish they had played it at Rudz. And "Switzer" is a hoot, too. Take a look at the comment I posted on myspace on the LP4 page...

Somehow, you seem too lucid - along with Charlie - to be seriously smoking items of dubious origin...if you know what I mean.


Kid Ornery said...

Thorn is a tune Charlie and I did in a band we used to be in together called, "Horshack".
We were a slightly different variety of big dumb rock from Linus...

It's the lucidity that makes me smoke...
or something like that ;)