Monday, July 11, 2005

neomarxisme: Sampling 2005

neomarxisme: Sampling 2005:
"In related news, I just got the new Go! Team CD single 'Bottle Rocket' from Vroom Records, and they have apparently had to clean up their sample usage for a U.S. release. (Although using 'Soul Time' by Shirley Ellis seems to be strangely decriminalized.) The new versions still retain the same flavor, but a lot of the old incidental samples are gone and were not replaced with soundalikes. "

The long arm of copyright keeps getting longer...
commerce and law replace folk traditions of appropriation...
"it protects the artist"
but what does it do to the art?


Anonymous said... and I think of the art...most people think about the money.

To quote a disgusting movie and movie character, most folks think "Greed is good." (Gordon Gekko - Wall Street) I only remember this quote because it was my brother's favorite movie for a while. My brother is one of those conservative, materialistic, so called Christians. It is difficult to believe we were raised under the same roof!

Take care and be well...keep your creativity level up if you can. Fight it all on a personal level.

Kid Ornery said...

reading this comment in my e-mail I wasn't sure if it referred to this post, or the Oliver Stone one down the page...hehe...
anyway, appropriation is a 100% valid tool in art making and I will continue to use it and I'll keep giving the stuff away if that's what I have to do...

thanks for the encouragement.


Anonymous said...

the movie "Boiler Room" brought this point up...why do right wing stock brokers love that movie when it was obviously supposed to be against the greed of wall street culture? Is it their version of "Reefer Madness"???