Monday, May 30, 2005

Daily Kos :: PROGRESSIVES!!!??? Like LIEBERMAN!!!???

Daily Kos :: PROGRESSIVES!!!??? Like LIEBERMAN!!!???:
"I am sorry, but if ANYONE actually believed that the Bush Administration was telling the truth, then they are NOT 'progressives.' The whole thing was out there, plain to see, and literally MILLIONS of Americans saw it. People climbing on the bandwagon now who supported this administration in any way whatsoever after it stole the election in 2000 ought to be sent, Cultural Revolution style, out into the working populace and made to mingle with the people until their heads pop on back out of their asses."

Preach on!
That's the thing that keeps getting me...
Folks keep saying, "Well, everyone thought there were WMD's!"

I didn't.
Neither did most of the folks I know.
Neither did most of the folks involved in searching for the programs (Scott Ritter, etc.).
Neither did Colin Powell or Condaleeza Rice if you believe their public pronouncements before the beating of war drums began...
(and yes, I'm too lazy to look for the links right now...)
but yeah, if you've believe Bushco's lies,
it's because you were already inclined to do so,
not because you (in the liberal tradition) looked at the facts on the ground and found your truth there.

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