Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whiskey Bar: A Cox in the Henhouse

Whiskey Bar: A Cox in the Henhouse

This is awful.
I was a stockbroker
in the heady
They made adjustments
again and again to keep
the super-rich in charge
and the rest of us out of the
game entirely.
Still, the SEC occasionally busted up
some bad behavior on the part of the house of Morgan
or Goldman/Sachs...

REFORM people...
The Dems should really start pounding on REFORM,
and they should appoint some kind of superhero like Spitzer
to run the SEC when they get the chance...

this is awful.
They are going to be draining $$$ away from the rest of us
in brand new creative ways...
you won't even feel their hand in your pocket.

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