Friday, June 03, 2005

Halley's Comment: Holding Men To A Higher Standard

Breaking my own rule...said I wouldn't talk about chasing women on the blog, but I have to comment on this, and since Halley has comments locked down on her blog, I'll do it here...

Halley's Comment: Holding Men To A Higher Standard:
"Women are holding men to a higher standard -- the SAME higher standard women have been held to for years.

Women are expected to have:

1. good bodies
2. good clothes
3. cute shoes
4. good senses of humor
5. good manners
6. good jobs
7. good credit
8. nice places to live
9. be good cooks
10. be good in bed"

I'll just address there one at a time..

1. good bodies - yes, but good bodies come in ALL shapes and sizes...
2. good clothes - it's best they don't dress like a scarecrow, but if they can make that work that's even good...
3. cute shoes - um, no...ladies, other women are the only ones who care if you are wearing "cute" shoes...Sexy shoes are nice once in a while...but really I'm more interested in the feet inside...mmm....feet.
4. good senses of humor - well, yeah.
5. good manners - Um, considerate and nice? Yes. Knows which fork to use? couldn't care less.
6. good jobs - don't believe there are good jobs, so obviously no.
7. good credit - um, before I judged anyone on that one I'd need to remove the mote from my own bank account.
8. nice places to live - as long as it is not a bigger sty than my place, I'm fine.
9. be good cooks - nope, that's why there are restaurants...who has time to eat at home anyway? It's a nice plus, but certainly not expected.
10. be good in bed - yes. Nobody should have to accept bad in bed.

in a followup Halley says:
I thought men would be upset to read about women expecting so much more from them, holding THEM to a higher standard. Weirdly, I got push back instead on the notion that men are constantly judging and comparing women. A number of men said they don't do this. Huh!!!!???? This seems really strange to me.

I've heard men. I know a few men. They've told me what they really do when a bunch of women walk by. A lot of them can tell you a woman's bra cup size from 50 feet and I've heard them say it. Get real, guys! We know you're sizing us up. The idea that men are not judging women ... yeah, right, I say.

but what has that to do with good cook? cute shoes? credit?


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