Thursday, June 02, 2005

We learned a new song!

anyway, The Mathletes worked up "Retarded Futuristic Pinocchio Syndrome" last night.
It's about a robot that wants to be a toaster.

"You don't understand my dream how could you now?
it isn't your dream anyhow."

go hear Joe's recording of it here.

then I finished reading True and False. It was great. Inspiring and full of the kind of attitude you'd expect from Mamet. Stop whining and ACT! Speak your lines clearly and try to do something like the author intended.

timed a few of the monologues I was looking at...
they're all too long.
So, I started going through my stuff (which is what I should have done to begin with) and now I'm looking at a piece from Ionesco's Macbett and Pushkin's Don Juan.

I had Joe take some pictures of me and I'm going to use on of them for my head shot.
Everything I read about head shots seem to say the most important thing is that they look like you. Well, I trust Joe to capture that. He knows what I look like.
I'm not expecting anything to come of this audition really, I just want to have the experience of having done it.

and now back to work or something resembling work.

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