Tuesday, May 31, 2005

These Days, Kraftwerk Is Packing Light

These Days, Kraftwerk Is Packing Light:
"To some, it may smack of overstatement to compare Kraftwerk to Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, James Brown and the Beatles as among the most influential pop figures of the 20th century, but their DNA is identifiable in everything from techno, house, trance, trip-hop and synthpop to hip-hop. In 1982, pioneering DJ Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force's 'Planet Rock' blended rap with the melody and beat from Kraftwerk singles 'Trans-Europe Express' and 'Numbers,' respectively, creating a seminal rap recording and one of the most frequently sampled tracks in history. Whether you think of the New Romantics and the synthpop movements of the '80s or today's rave culture, it's hard to imagine what modern music would sound like without Kraftwerk's innovations. What was brand-new in the mid-'70s is no longer an anomaly: Electro culture is everywhere, and Kraftwerk is its daddy."

I hear Kraftwerk almost as often as I hear Eno...
often in the works of people who probably are ripping off someone who ripped off someone who ripped off Kraftwerk (or Eno) and have no idea about the original...
Kraftwerk was/is the real deal.
This is a pretty nice article catching up with them,
and about how technology HAS caught up with them.

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